Face mask

フェイスマスク フェイスマスク製造機

1P with die-cut mask (bag / one) and integrated product pack (bag / 10 for 40) are automated machines that can be shared with the product.

  • ・The drive unit is an AC servo motor is adopted.
  • ・The maximum processing capacity is a fast machine / min 200.

Breast pads


This machine , breast pad production machine has emerged as a leader in developing the full use of high technology era.
Emboss seals feature a large cut and imported timber drum, so that the molded cut and imported timber, completely adopted the new production process there is no misalignment.To enable high-speed, three-dimensional molded breast pads are by far in the world.


We produce a variety of machines such as petsheets and cardboard Kesa.
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